CCTA Comment on FOS future funding discussion paper

Commentary | 16/06/22

On Tuesday the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) released its long-awaited discussion paper on its future funding model.

For some time, we have been engaging with the FOS on its funding model and the burden it places on the alternative lending sector. We have been clear that the organisation needs a more sustainable model moving forward.

We have seen a series of case fee rises in recent times and a reduction in the number of free cases which have all had an impact on firms, particularly medium and small businesses. This needs to be considered as part of the future model.

This is an even worse position when you realise that the FOS has only got the figures to make some sense by dipping into its reserve funds.

The paper contains some of the ideas we have already put to the FOS such as the need for Claims Management Companies (CMCs) to pay a fee to bring a case to the FOS to ensure a higher quality of claims. However, while we have forced them to consider this idea, I think it is clear that they are not overly keen. So, we will be working with other organisations to keep the pressure on.

I am sure we will be discussing our views on the FOS’s suggestions within this paper at the upcoming Consumer Credit Trade Forum which brings together trade associations and the FOS senior leadership.