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We are an association representing businesses who provide credit to consumers. We work to guide our members through stringent industry regulation, offering uncompromising practical help to ensure their companies run effectively and ethically in this competitive arena. Our services include, legal advice, complaint conciliation, training, credit agreements and a comprehensive ‘news update’ and media network.

We deliver essential support, at a competitive price. We are passionate about our industry, welcome like-minded businesses. We have plenty more to say, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for on these pages, just get in touch. It starts with you. Membership information +

who we are

At CCTA we enjoy a reputation for integrity and a strong independent voice. Our members offer credit in a high profile, dynamic market, and rely on us to provide a yard stick for best practice. Established in 1891, we have a long and powerful history. We work closely with industry regulators and share their vision for a balanced, transparent, and thriving industry. Innovation is the key to the future.

To be part of our association, a business must agree to abide by relevant CCTA codes, and reflect our philosophy. We offer a comprehensive complaint framework to deal with potential problems. If you are stuck and looking for answers, just get in touch. More about us +

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