SRA annual reports published

Reports | 27/07/21

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published its suite of Annual Reports.

One of these reports, the Upholding Professional Standards Report, reveals that in 2019/20 the SRA opened 16 investigations into claims being improperly brought against payday loan companies, cavity wall insulation (CWI) installers and, where the issue related to mis-sold mortgage products, mortgage providers and brokers.

The SRA reported seeing evidence that the standards expected from solicitors are not being met. In some cases, solicitors are not investigating whether the claim is valid and failing to advise clients about what will be expected of them when making a claim. The SRA has also seen false claims submitted in the hope of a settlement, false claims submitted without having instructions from the client and charging unreasonable costs for a limited amount of work.

Source: SRA