Registry Trust Quarter Three, 2019 Statistics: England and Wales business CCJs fall 58%

Industry News | 05/11/20

During the quarter we processed 417,798 judgments, total value for judgments processed during this period equalled £759,041,912 and the median amount was £666.

Consumers accounted for the majority of transactions (88%), with commercial judgments only totalling 12%. 97% of all judgments this quarter were fro the England and Wales jurisdiction. Of the rest, 60% came from Scotland, 25% from Northern Ireland and 9% from the Republic of Ireland. Jersey and the Isle of Man equally represented the other 6%.

The majority of judgments were between the £100 to £500 (40%), whilst judgments for over £1000 accounted for 33%, leave the rest 26% to fall in the £500 to £1000 category.

Satisfactions this quarter accounted fo 13% of all transactions processed, totalling 53,223.