Tis’ the season of political uncertainty!

Commentary | 12/12/18

Today’s announcement by the 1922 Committee has meant we now have another round of madness as Conservative MP’s go for a Leadership Election, at the same time as the Prime Minister cavorts around Europe attempting to give CPR to a corpse. Nero is fiddling even faster as Rome burns.

The real danger is that she wins with a majority in single figures and the Party becomes unmanageable for a year, as she can’t be challenged again for a 12 month period. There are so many divisive pivotal splits in the world at the moment that means democracy as we know it is under dire threat. This will create disunity and chaos – the bedrock for altercations and violence with potential escalation across borders.

Weak government allows extreme regulation to creep through as scrutiny becomes less diligent. In turn that produces unintended consequences to the very people it was designed to protect. The Financial Services Industry needs to step up its game to protect access to responsible credit for the consumer, despite the Westminster political confusion and games.

Collaboration and meaningful discussion appears to be missing in so many areas of modern life. Changes are imposed, to be challenged and then modified. We see so many current projects having expensive fixes as the collaborative reasoning at the beginning is not good enough, or enough time is not given to fully understand all of the lobby group’s rationale.

To cap all of this, the UK is fast becoming the laughing stock of Europe, if not the world. The outcome of the leadership contest is awaited with trepidation and hope that the UK ship will ultimately be steadied and set sail in the right Brexit direction.

Greg Stevens


12th December 2018