FCA roundtable discussion: ‘Approach to Authorisation’, 12 February 2018.

Updates | 13/02/18

The CCTA’s Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Graham Haxton-Bernard, attended the FCA roundtable meeting, which was was well attended by interested Trade Associations including representatives from the FLA and the CFA. The roundatable was hosted by various FCA staff including the Director of Authorisations. The discussion was lively and concentrated on the contents of the FCA’s Mission document:‘Our approach to Authorisation’.

The discussion focused on four separate matters:

1) Understanding the Threshold Conditions

2) The FCA’s approach to supporting firms and individuals to meet minimum standards and promoting competition

3) The revised set of FCA commitments to firms when they apply for authorisation

4) The FCA’s strategic goals in relation to Authorisation and FCA’s performance.

We will contine to keep members appraised of all developments.


Graham Haxton-Bernard

13th February 2018