CCTA CEO comments on Provident Financial decision to close down home-collected credit and Satsuma brands

Commentary | 10/05/21

Commenting on the decision by Provident Financial to close down their home-collected credit and Satsuma brands, Jason Wassell, Chief Executive of the CCTA said:

“This news is shocking and yet not a surprise to those watching alternative lending. We have long been concerned that the current regulatory framework does not work for the market, or its customers. The result in this case is that access to credit will be reduced for hundreds of thousands of people.

“These are individuals and communities that have been left behind by banks and mainstream lenders. They access the non-standard market for reasons such as major life events, variable income, or a lack of credit history. They are often seeking small amounts to manage their finances in a flexible way.

“The constantly changing approach by the FOS, along with the increasing claims culture being driven by Claims Management Companies, is making it difficult for firms to operate and attract investment. These factors together led to major market exit in the high-cost short-term credit sector, and it has now spread to home credit.

“Market exit is likely to continue across the sector if these problems are not addressed. The outcome will be that access to credit is reduced for a group of consumers who will struggle to borrow elsewhere.”

About the CCTA

The Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) is one of the oldest trade associations in the UK. Established in 1891, we have a long and influential history. Our objective is to support and develop an effectively regulated alternative lending market. We seek to provide responsible access to credit for all.

Our members are often described as alternative lenders, developing alternative credit products, serving customers often ignored by mainstream financial services. Member firms include: car finance; guarantor lenders; home-collected credit; short and medium-term lenders; and smaller businesses working in niche lending sectors.

About Provident Financial

Provident Financial plc (‘the Group’ or ‘PFG’) is the leading provider of credit products to consumers who are underserved by mainstream lenders. They serve 2.3 million people through credit cards, vehicle finance and personal loans. PFG current employs 4,865 colleagues across the UK. They are not a member of the CCTA.