PSR consults on draft merchant questionnaire for its card-acquiring market review

Regulatory Updates | 05/07/19

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has published a consultation on a draft of the questionnaire it proposes to use to conduct a survey of merchants as part of its Market Review into card-acquiring. The consultation on the draft questionnaire follows a previous consultation (MR18.4) on its proposed approach to conducting the survey.
The draft questionnaire sets out the script of the merchant survey, which ran until 13 June 2019. Merchants will be asked a range of questions on their use of card-acquiring services, including the providers they use, other payment methods they accept, their relationship with card-acquiring services providers, whether and how frequently the merchant has reviewed its card-acquiring services and the extent to which the merchant has switched providers or considered doing so.
Comments on the draft questionnaire are invited by 12 July 2019.