Government consultation: Data – A New Direction

Industry News | 14/09/21

The Government is consulting on proposed changes to data protection law in the UK.

The proposals include:

  • Changes to data protection officer requirements;
  • Changes to data breach reporting so that organisations must report a breach unless the risk to individuals is not material;
  • A possible fee regime for access to personal data held by all data controllers. This could help ensure that organisations are not overburdened by speculative subject access requests;
  • Possible changes to the rules around cookies; and
  • Increases in the fines that can be imposed for breaches of PECR, so that they are in line with fines imposed under UK GDPR.

The consultation runs until 19th November 2021. Many of the consultation questions have a range of possible answers provided so it is easy to respond if you have views on the proposals.

Source: DCMS