FOS publishes its second quarter complaints statistics 2018/2019

Regulatory Updates | 07/11/18

On 7th November the FOS published its second quarter complaints statistics 2018/2019. The FOS received 182,819 enquiries and 98,346 new complaints – with 11,371 complaints passed to an ombudsman for a final decision. On average, it upheld just 31% of the complaints resolved.

In the period 1st July to 30th September 2018, 23,714 payday loan enquiries were received by FOS (14,799 in the previous quarter) of which 14,578 were investigated as new complaints (10,979 in the previous quarter). Of these 487 were referred to an Ombudsman (570 in the previous quarter) and 49% were upheld (56% in the previous quarter).