Financial regulators publish fourth edition of plan for upcoming work

Regulatory Updates | 02/11/21

The Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum issued the fourth edition of the Regulatory Initiatives Grid.

Amongst the initiatives included in the Grid are:

  • A review of the Appointed Representatives regime, including a planned call for evidence from HMT (November 2021 & Q2 2022);
  • Future regulatory framework review – second consultation planned for Autumn 2021;
  • Consumer duty – Q4 2021: Feedback Statement and second Consultation Paper with draft rules and guidance (Q4 2021 – expected December), Policy Statement with final rules and guidance (Q3 2022);
  • Borrowers in financial difficulty – consultation H2 2022;
  • Statutory debt repayment plan – technical consultation on regulations in early 2022, final regulations late 2022;
  • Credit Information Market Study – interim report due by end of Q1 2022

Source: FCA