FCA Insight: Measuring corporate culture – a warning

Industry News | 18/03/20

When Insight published an article about measuring corporate culture it certainly prompted debate and became the best-read Insight of 2019. Naturally, not everyone agreed with the argument and in our latest article experts from the University of Amsterdam warn against a strong focus on measurement.

The importance of corporate culture is by now widely recognized, considered and used in explaining organizational success and failure. We need only think of major recent scandals such as the emissions cheating at Volkswagen, misconduct and violence at United States Police Departments such as those in Oakland and Chicago, account fraud at Wells Fargo or revelations about unsafe processes at Boeing.
All these cases reveal how culture matters as structural rule breaking and wrongdoing was rooted in culture. It is no surprise that culture has become a hot topic in corporate boards, compliance departments and for regulatory authorities.

Source: FCA