Features & Benefits

CPD Accreditation

All our courses are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited. Learners earn CPD points for completing each module. Once completed, learners are required to undertake an exam, which they must pass at a minimum rate of 80%. Upon successful completion of each exam, the learner is awarded the relevant CPD points applicable to the module and a Certificate of Completion, which they are able to download.

Record external or alternative CPD

CCTA Academy allows learners to record CPD and training carried out elsewhere. The portal allows learners to collate all CPD credits in one place. Should learners have external CPD to record on the portal, this can be easily uploaded using the bulk upload function.

Live learning sessions

From time to time throughout the year, CCTA (and its associate members) will carry out live learning sessions on key, trending industry and regulatory topics. All staff and managers who are signed up to the portal will be able to attend these live learning sessions free of charge. These additional sessions help ensure ongoing learning and development opportunities for all registered learners.

Add your company specific policies and procedures

CCTA Academy can be tailored to suit a firm’s own onboarding procedures. This means that firms can add their company policies and procedures for staff to ‘read and accept’ before carrying out additional learning. The portal will maintain records of staff that have read and accepted these policies and procedures.

Add your own courses and content

The portal includes a feature for firms to add their own basic courses or content. Whether it is a document, video, audio or PowerPoint file, firms can make these available to their own staff by adding these to the portal library.

Request a bespoke course 

If you would like the CCTA Academy team to develop a specific, tailored course for your business, we can do this for you. Liaise with our team to discuss your requirements and we can create tailored courses as per your request. Please note that a fee may apply for development time.

MI and reporting

The portal allows a range of MI and reporting to be produced in respect of all activity carried out by learners. Not only can senior managers be given oversight of staff learning, it is also possible to build custom reports and schedule these to be sent out automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Access anywhere

CCTA Academy is not only just available through desktop applications. It can also be accessed via smartphone/tablet applications. This ensures that learners have convenient access to both compliance courses and live learning sessions, even if they are out of the office.

Bulk sign-up assistance

We recognise that firms may have many learners that they wish to sign up to CCTA Academy. To help firms alleviate this tedious task, the CCTA Academy team can create user accounts through a hassle-free, bulk sign up process. Firms can supply their staff details and we can quickly set up all learners on their behalf.

Excel Exporting

The portal allows learners and their managers to download and export various levels of data into Microsoft Excel format. Whether it is a compliance or CPD report, or even a custom MI report, simply use the export function to access the information you require.