Bank of England Credit Conditions Survey – 2021 Q1

Reports | 19/04/21

The Bank of England published the results of its credit conditions survey. The survey covers:

  • Secured and unsecured lending to households.
  • Lending to non-financial corporations, small businesses, and to non-bank financial firms.

Lenders reported that:

  • The availability of secured credit to households increased in the three months to end-February (Q1). Lenders expected the availability of secured credit to increase over the next three months to end-May (Q2);
  • The availability of unsecured credit to households decreased slightly in Q1, but was expected to increase over the next quarter;
  • The overall availability of credit to the corporate sector was unchanged in Q1, remaining unchanged for small and medium-sized businesses, but increasing slightly for large firms. Overall availability was expected to increase slightly in Q2.

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