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Head of Policy, CCTA


Summary of the role
The Head of Policy plays an important role in helping to develop the CCTA strategy. They are involved in tracking, understanding, and influencing regulation. The role involves both internal and external communication, especially with key regulatory stakeholders. They lead in providing advice to members and in directing our advisory services.

Flexibility in the role
The Policy function ranges from policy development; to advising members on policy implications; to advice on a more technical basis. While we require someone who can cover all aspects, we recognise that candidates may lean more towards one side than the other. The structure is flexible enough to adapt.

So, the candidate may come from a compliance background or have worked more in policy.

Policy Function
Policy is one of three functions, the other two being Communications and Membership. Communications is focused on building relations with key external stakeholders, leading on public affairs and media relations. Membership is our function that looks to recruit and renew the memberships, ensuring that everyone gets the services they require.

The CCTA has made a deliberate decision to ensure overlap in capabilities. As part of a small team of four full-time posts and one part-time, the post-holder will need to contribute across the organisation.

Working locations
The CCTA works remotely, and team members are expected to operate from home. There is occasional travel to attend meetings, for example attending events in London or visiting members throughout the UK. This might be on a fortnightly basis, falling back to monthly for roughly half of the year.

For more information
Remuneration is based on experience, and we are happy to discuss early in the process so not to waste your time. For more information please contact, in confidence, our Chief Executive – Jason Wassell.



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