Stronger Together - Going Forward

Wednesday 2 November: Stronger Together  full day conference & casual dinner
Thursday 3 November: Going Forward  full day conference & 125th anniversary gala dinner
Venue  Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Nottingham, NG8 6PY

2016 has brought unprecedented change to the United Kingdom. In effect, the vote to exit Europe, and consequential ‘musical chair parliament’, threw all regulatory cards in the air, and has provided a truly unique opportunity to influence how, and where they land. When the dust has settled and equilibrium returns, as it must, if we have embraced the inevitable change, and risen to the challenges that will bring, we will stand stronger together, going forward.

Our industry has endured an extremely difficult three years of broken communication and turmoil. Our collective voice of experience and caution appears to have been unheard in the corridors of power, but now is our chance to re-write the story. Collaboration is key. At CCTA we intend to draw a line under the chapter and lead from the front, the quest for a robust, fair and dynamic market.

With the FCA authorisation gateway closed we have already targeted a strong public affairs programme. Following BREXIT, that programme will be further enhanced to protect our members and our industry. We will be working to ensure politicians and the regulator recognises business models of all shapes and sizes, serving specialist needs. Our heart lies in protecting the consumer whilst safeguarding firms, jobs and the future viability of an arena striving to provide modern and innovative consumer credit products.

Our 2016 conference will focus on unification, vision and growth. ‘Stronger Together – Going Forward.’ The event will deliver:

  • a comprehensive mix of credit industry delegates
  • an impressive line-up of regulatory and industry speakers
  • thought provoking content
  • extended networking breaks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • extravagant champagne reception and evening entertainment celebrating our 125th anniversary year.

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